The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space

Turn 13

Dr. Lawrence tries to focus the sensors more in order to work out where on the surface the signal is comming from. But otherwise waits, deciding that it would be better to stick to the background for this one. He also tries to get a more detailed scan of thier own ship. Unfortunately, the computer system seems to be too busy managing repairs.

Rick smiles winningly at the person on the screen. “Hello! We’re the remaining crew of the Tradeship Venus. We’ve just survived a horrific and mysterious catastrophe that wiped out everyone but us, and also a pirate attack. We’d like to land so we can go about repairing our ship and otherwise setting things in order.”

The old man seems delighted. “Wonderful. We haven’t had visitors for quite some time. Feel free to use landing pad 496/B whenever you’re ready to land.”



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