The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space

Turn Eight

Rick brightens up. “That sounds great, Ivy! I think we could all do with some tea right now! Why don’t you start heading the ship towards the nearest planet and we can have some tea while we wait.”

“Lets hope those planets aren’t trouble, otherwise we’ll be the ones needing help” says Furgee as he picks up the key. “I’m heading back to the locker” he says as he heads back into the corridors. “I’ll have a cup later Ivy. Is there anything I need to get fixing before we can get moving?”

“A course has been set towards the nearest habitated planet. No repairs are required in order to allow safe passage,” Ivy says cheerfully, as two warm mugs of tea are dispensed from a hole in the wall next to Rick.

Meanwhile, Tan is busy smashing his way around the chief Engineer’s quarters, as well as various other crew areas. After finding the shattered and damaged remains of variosu electrical appliances, he turns to the chief engineer’s files. Sadly they’re jsut too ehavily encrypted for him.

He then pulls up a schematic of the ship. “Is there safe access to the jump drive or are there any obstructions, Ivy?”

Ivy replies in the negative, “The jump drive is locked down until further notice. May I be of any further assistance?”



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