The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space

Turn Four

Furgee smirks at the Docs attempts at patronising him. “Well gee ‘Doc” He replies, putting very sarcastic emphasis on the title, “I wouldn’t expect a ‘distinguished passenger’ such as yourself to know anything about anything involving getting his hands dirty. Guess that’s why I’m the ships mechanic, and you, so far, have been as much use as a 6th leg on a Ubarian Pentadog. I mean honestly, what kind of mechanic would I be if I kept the ships toolbox in the cargo bay? I’m going to the locker, I’ll call you on my comm if I need anything disecting. Don’t strain yourself TOO hard reading that computer.” “Coming Rick? I’m gonna need a spare set of hands, and I wouldn’t want the ‘good doctor’ over there to ruin his manicure.” With that, Furgee turns and exits the bridge door. He stops outside and looks round. “Now all I need to do is remember where the locker with the ships toolkit is.”

Rick follows Furgee. “We could also check the quarters of some of the other engineers and mechanics to see if they kept anything useful in there.”

Dr. Lawrence sneers disgustedly at Furgee then turn to regard Rick. “Good thinking Rick, you’d better help that incompetant over there with the general repairs I’ll head down to the rooms, after al I am the only one remaining with any qualification in engineering I assume. You handle the structure then, and I’ll hop over and take a look at the Jump Drive once your done.” Tan nods to himself and makes a move for the door in an attempt to leave and head to the rooms.

Aside from a few flashing red lights above some doors, signaling the fact they’ve been lcoked down, the corridor is as it always is. The ship’s locker sits against a wall on the main corridor, locked and waiting for an officer’s key to open it.



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