The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space

turn nine

As Ivy replies, Furgee swipes the officers card into the lock and opens the locker. He shrugs and grins. “No repairs eh? Lucky one for me then.”

He hefts the ships toolkit out of the locker anyway, then notices a spare communicator, which he also takes. He shouts back down the corridor to Rick. “Hey chief, got a personal communicator for ya here, best have it in case of emergencies, y’know what I’m saying?” He closes the locker, locks it again, pockets the key then finally hefts his toolkit and waits for Rick to collect the comm.

Grabs the mug, sniffs it happily, and takes a sip. “Thanks, Furgee,” he says, taking the Comm. “We should probably see what the Doc’s up to, make sure he’s not vivisecting some intelligent life form.”

Tan, meanwhile, sits in the chief engineers room and tries again at breaking into the files he then uses the comm system to try and ask Ivy for help “Ivy, can you let me into these files please? I need to know what happened”

“I’m afraid those files are restricted access, howver if I can assist you in detailing anything from them I will be happy to help”.



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