Rick Danger

Honest, trustworthy, and completely despised


Age: 38
Homeworld: Chumbawumba (Crowded city planet)


  • Str – 6 [+0]
  • Dex – 7 [+0]
  • End – 7 [+0]
  • Int – 11 [+1]
  • Edu – 9 [+1]
  • Soc – 5 [-1]


  • Admin 1
  • Advocate 0
  • Broker 0 (+1 when using Intelligence or Education due to Wafer Jack program)
  • Comms 2
  • Computers 0
  • Deception 1
  • Diplomat 0
  • Gun Combat 0 (Slug Pistols, extra +1 DM from Skill Augmentation Implant)
  • Leadership 0
  • Medic 0
  • Pilot 0 (Spacecraft)
  • Recon 0
  • Stealth 0
  • Streetwise 2

Vito Corsican, mob boss
Martin James, smuggler and former Merchant Marine

Inventory: Cash – 750

Cloth Armor
Autopistol (With Silencer)

  • 5 extra clips/magazines

Radio Transceiver (With Computer/0)
Staff (Cane)
Electronic Binoculars

Implants: Wafer Jack, Skill Augmentation (Gun Combat)

Expert Program/1: Broker


Born on Chumbawumba, a high-tech, crowded world that’s almost entirely covered by a single city. You know the type. After graduating, he quickly became a district manager at ScummCo, the planet’s largest exporter of polluted slime.

Unfortunately, about this time the planet lost an important trade agreement with the Slug-people of Limaxia VI (Chumbawumba’s ambassador made a terrible faux pas at a royal Limaxian dinner when he brought a shaker of salt. The resulting war lasted 27 years and much blood and mucus was spilled) and Rick was laid off.

Taking the Agency entrance exam on a drunken whim one night, Rick was surprised to find that he’d made perfect marks. He joined as an Intelligence Agent, working reconnaissance missions around the city, scoping out and watching potential criminal targets. While there he became romantically involved with Nadia, another member of his team, who found his honesty and goodness refreshing. He performed so well (in more ways than one!) that he was promoted and decided to stay on with the Agency.

Soon after, he somehow managed to arrest the crime boss Vito Corsican, who offered him “an offer he can’t refuse” if Rick would let him go free. Morally outraged and offended at this attempt to bribe an upstanding Agency official, Rick refused the offer and going home that day was ambushed by Vito’s goons. He survived the attack, and due to his planet’s extensive surgical facilities he came out mostly free of permanent injury (though he does limp a bit and can’t run as fast as he used to).

Unfortunately, due to the insurance costs of covering someone who had pissed off the biggest crime family on the planet (although the fact that almost half of the other agents were on Corsican’s payroll probably had something to do with it too), Rick had to be let go. Nadia also left him, disgusted at how much money he’d turned down.

Seeking to get away from his past life (not to mention vengeful mobsters), he joined the Merchant Marines in order to see new, less polluted worlds. Unfortunately, it turned out one of his fellow crewmembers was involved with a small-time smuggling ring. Offended and outraged at this egregious disgrace of the Merchant Marines’ good name, Rick turned the slimeball in, and gained the lifelong ire of the aforementioned crewmember, Martin James.

Sick of all the terrible luck that his honest sticklerism seems to bring when among others, he decided to go it alone and became a drifter, hitching rides on passing spacecraft and wandering throughout space. He had moderate success here, and eventually joined the crew of the tradeship Venus, while in the back of his mind sure that something terrible was going to happen soon…

Rick Danger

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