Herman 'Furgee' Furguson


UPP: 4787A2

Age: 42

Homeworld: Asteroid 3G7D (Ice Capped Asteroid Mining Facility)


  • Str – 4 [-1]
  • Dex – 7 [+0]
  • End – 8 [+0]
  • Int – 7 [+0]
  • Edu – 10 [+1]
  • Soc – 2 [-2]


  • Astrogation 0
  • Comms 2
  • Computers 0
  • Gun Combat (Slug Pistols) 1
  • Mechanic 3
  • Medic 0
  • Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
  • Sensors 1
  • Vacc Suit 1
  • Zero-G 1


  • Chip ‘Lucky’ Ganesh – Rescued him and his crew after their ships fuel supply went critical.


  • Scout Ship – Furgees Flyer (Docked in Day Bandits hanger, 100 Tons)
  • Credits – 70,550
  • Snub Pistol w/ Laser Sight (+1 DM when Aimed) (Left Hip Holster)
  • 10 spare Snub Pistol clips (6 shots)
  • Autopistol w/ Gyrostabilizer + Laser Sight (+1 DM when Aimed, recoil of -1) (Right Hip Holster)
  • 10 spare clips of autopistol ammo (15 shots)
  • Audio/Visual Wrist Communicator
  • Geiger Counter (Ships Locker)
  • Infra-Red/Light Enhancement Goggles (Ships Locker)
  • Motion Sensor (TL9) (Ships Locker)
  • Pressurised Tent (Scout Ship Locker)
  • Breather Mask (Ships Locker)
  • Rebreather (10kg) (Scout Ship Locker)
  • Thruster Pack (Scout Ship Locker)
  • Mechanics Toolkit (12kg) (Carrying)
  • Cloth Armor (Protection 3, 2kg) (Worn)
  • TL13 HEV Suit w/ Magnetic Grapples (Protection 9, 12kg) (Ships Airlock)

Quote: “All I want to know is how much I’m gonna get paid for this.”

Born on a ice-mining facility located on an asteroid too boring to be renamed from it’s initial designation, Herman Furguson, or ‘Furgee’ as he preferred to be called didn’t have much chance of a future.

As a child he displayed a knack for being able to fix machinery, so he was put to work with the maintenance team, where his 10 year old body made him suited to getting at broken machinery in those hard to reach places.

The facility was almost completely cut off from the rest of the universe, being neither located on especially valuable minerals or in a strategically important location. Contact was limited to a monthly transmission to the company owning the facility updating it’s status, and the twice a year supply ship that would dock, stay a couple of days, then depart for another six months.

Furgee loved it when the supply ship arrived, and in his spare time would go to the recreation areas to seek out the crews of the ships. There he would listen in wide-eyed wonderment as the crew members spun him tales of exotic aliens, lost worlds and running battles with pirates. Most of these were nothing more than typical spacers tales, that is to say, they were hopelessly exaggerated, but by the age of 16 Furgee had decided he had to get out and see the universe. That year he applied for the Scout Corp and departed on the next supply ship.

After 2 years of intensive training, he was given his Scout Ship, given a direction to head in and turned loose onto the universe.

It took him 4 years before he reached the hazy edges of known space, although along the way he was hired to carry an important diplomatic message from Begurath 3, where he had stopped for maintenance, to a planet nearer the edge. To this day he has no idea what the message said, but he did the job he was hired for, no questions asked, and for this he was awarded a hefty sum of credits.

He spent the next 4 years scouting up and down the border of known space, and his thorough and diligent efforts in cataloguing asteroids, gas giants, and other anomalies of interest earned him a commendation for exemplary service.

During his third term with the Scout Corps, he made a breath-taking discovery. Just beyond the edges of known space, he found an undiscovered planet. On landing and surveying, he discovered that not only was it capable of supporting human life, it had dozens of rich mineral seams that would be of great value to the Imperium. He claimed the planet in the name of the Imperium, and once the advance team of colonists had arrived and verified his data, he received a promotion.

On his way back to the border planet Chunder-7, which he was using as a forward base to stage his exploration from, he dropped out of his jump for a course correction. He was startled to find a Free Trader ship, still sparking from the small asteroid that had punched clean through it. Upon the hailing the ship, he discovered that the captain and roughly half the crew were still aboard, and that the fuel supply was minutes away from exploding due to the fire suppresion system being badly damaged. At great personal risk, Furgee brought his ship alongside and helped the crew escape the stricken vessel, getting clear of the blast radius seconds before the trader was reduced to space dust. The captain of the ship, a Chip Ganesh (who is know known as ‘Lucky’ as a result of the incident) put in a commendation to the Scout Corp for which Furgee recived another promotion. Lucky and Furgee remained in contact, with Lucky often passing on information about anomalies he and the crew of his new ship had spotted, as well as passing on up-to-date information about borders whenever he could.

Halfway through what would be his final term in the Scout Corps, he was investigating a new planet when he was attacked by local animal life. He managed to fight his way back to the ship, but was laid up with light injuries for a month. Unfortunately, the Scout Corps were going though a period of downsizing, and this incident was used to politely but firmly show Furgee the door. He was allowed to keep the use of his Scout Ship, on the condition that the Scout Corps could recall it at any time.

Now 38, Furgee drifted around the border worlds for a while, and tried his hand at salvaging, deciding he should put the skills he learnt in the scouts to work for himself for a change. After 2 and a half years of nothing, he came across what he thought was his big break, a stricken and apparently abandoned tramp freighter. He boarded the ship, but it had nothing of any real value he could salavge. He left empty-handed and dejected. But it turned out he did bring something back with him. The ship had somehow been carrying a virulent and highly dangerous virus that attacked the brain. It was over a month before he started to feel the effects, and the ships med-scanner confirmed the presence of an unknown virus. He pointed the ship towards the nearest habitated planet and began a desperate race against time. He landed, collapsing as he tried to leave the ship.

He spent the next year and a half in hospital, comatose and in suspended animation until a cure could be worked on. He was eventually cured, but now he was 42, had no career, no retirement and no prospects. Dejected, he signed up to be the ships mechanic on a trade ship that was advertising for crew. They even allowed him to bring his scout ship on the condition he paid rent for the space it used. The ship he signed up for was the tradeship Venus...

Herman 'Furgee' Furguson

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