The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space

Turn 13

Dr. Lawrence tries to focus the sensors more in order to work out where on the surface the signal is comming from. But otherwise waits, deciding that it would be better to stick to the background for this one. He also tries to get a more detailed scan of thier own ship. Unfortunately, the computer system seems to be too busy managing repairs.

Rick smiles winningly at the person on the screen. “Hello! We’re the remaining crew of the Tradeship Venus. We’ve just survived a horrific and mysterious catastrophe that wiped out everyone but us, and also a pirate attack. We’d like to land so we can go about repairing our ship and otherwise setting things in order.”

The old man seems delighted. “Wonderful. We haven’t had visitors for quite some time. Feel free to use landing pad 496/B whenever you’re ready to land.”

Turn Twelve

Dr Lawrence tries to bring up a more detailed scan once he reaches the sensors station as well as trying to check the surroundings for any other ships just in case. The scanners show a few ships docked in orbit, but nothing unusual. He also says upon arriving on the bridge “Who wants to handle this then chaps?”

“Alright Ivy, open the communications channel,” Rick says, standing tall and proud as he takes command.

Meanwhile, Furgee continues to monitor his pilots station.

After a pause, an old man with white hair apepars on the monitor. “Greetings, strangers. Please identify yourself, and explain your reasoning for wishing to dock.”

Turn Eleven

“Yes if you would be so kind as to compile that report Ivy, that would be wonderful. And well…better keep this between the two of us for now eh? Unless of course you deem that the crew need to know I just don’t think it’s worth bothering them with all this at the moment.” and with that Dr. Lawrence heads off back to the bridge to try and take up the sensors station muttering to himself.

Grumbling and complaining, Furgee walks into the control room hauling his toolbox with him. He plops down into the pilots chair and starts looking at the readouts. “All right, what we got? Any communications? Sensor readings?”

“There’s a communications signal planetside,” droles Ivy, “should I open hailing frequencies?”

Turn Ten

Furgee picks up his tookit and stomps off further into the ship to see if anything needs fixing, or if there are any storage areas he can break into with his tools. “Gimme a call if you need me Rick, if I find the good doctor, I’ll let him know you want to see him.”

Dr. Tan says “Well if you can’t let me in can you tell me what happened to lead to all this instead. And what language was all of this stuff in? Can you translate it Ivy?” he then sets about trying to fix the various electronic he had commandeered trying to make something workable out of them by canibalizing the others.

Rick, meanwhile, heads for the bridge.

In the crew quarters, Dr. Tan says “Well if you can’t let me in can you tell me what happened to lead to all this instead. And what language was all of this stuff in? Can you translate it Ivy?” he then sets about trying to fix the various electronic he had commandeered trying to make something workable out of them by canibalizing the others.

“Current data is not sufficient to explain the exact reasons for the current situation. I can compile a report if you’d like? Also, I’m afraid that I currently can’t translate that particular text – I’d suggest getting me an pdated translator module.”

“Incidently, we’re now arriving in orbit of an inhabited planet. Might I suggest all active personelle report to their apropriate work stations?”

This last announcement is braodcast across the entire ship.

turn nine

As Ivy replies, Furgee swipes the officers card into the lock and opens the locker. He shrugs and grins. “No repairs eh? Lucky one for me then.”

He hefts the ships toolkit out of the locker anyway, then notices a spare communicator, which he also takes. He shouts back down the corridor to Rick. “Hey chief, got a personal communicator for ya here, best have it in case of emergencies, y’know what I’m saying?” He closes the locker, locks it again, pockets the key then finally hefts his toolkit and waits for Rick to collect the comm.

Grabs the mug, sniffs it happily, and takes a sip. “Thanks, Furgee,” he says, taking the Comm. “We should probably see what the Doc’s up to, make sure he’s not vivisecting some intelligent life form.”

Tan, meanwhile, sits in the chief engineers room and tries again at breaking into the files he then uses the comm system to try and ask Ivy for help “Ivy, can you let me into these files please? I need to know what happened”

“I’m afraid those files are restricted access, howver if I can assist you in detailing anything from them I will be happy to help”.

Turn Eight

Rick brightens up. “That sounds great, Ivy! I think we could all do with some tea right now! Why don’t you start heading the ship towards the nearest planet and we can have some tea while we wait.”

“Lets hope those planets aren’t trouble, otherwise we’ll be the ones needing help” says Furgee as he picks up the key. “I’m heading back to the locker” he says as he heads back into the corridors. “I’ll have a cup later Ivy. Is there anything I need to get fixing before we can get moving?”

“A course has been set towards the nearest habitated planet. No repairs are required in order to allow safe passage,” Ivy says cheerfully, as two warm mugs of tea are dispensed from a hole in the wall next to Rick.

Meanwhile, Tan is busy smashing his way around the chief Engineer’s quarters, as well as various other crew areas. After finding the shattered and damaged remains of variosu electrical appliances, he turns to the chief engineer’s files. Sadly they’re jsut too ehavily encrypted for him.

He then pulls up a schematic of the ship. “Is there safe access to the jump drive or are there any obstructions, Ivy?”

Ivy replies in the negative, “The jump drive is locked down until further notice. May I be of any further assistance?”

Turn Seven

“This looks promising” says Furgee, trying to get the key from the bin. He examines it to check if it actually is the officers key. It is. “Well Ric, your call on what to do now. You’re pretty much top dog round here now, highest ranking survivor and all.”

Rick pauses in thought for a moment before replying, “Well, I think getting your toolkit out of the locker would be a good idea so we can start repairs. And maybe we oughta head the ship towards one of those inhabitable planets too, see if there’s anyone there we can help.” He turns towards a monitor. “Ivy, of those planets, how many are safe for humans?”

Several of the nearby planets appear to have docks, suggesting inteligent life of some sort, Rick,” comes the reply, “but beyond that I really can’t say at this distance. Would anyone like a nice mug of tea?”

Turn Six

Furgee kicks the locker, wincing at the impact. “Damn it, I’ve told them about locking this thing when the toolkits stowed away. And my personal tool kits locked away on my ship in the cargo bay, which is out of bounds.” He then leaves with Rick to search for a key.

Whilst Rick and Furgee search the officer’s quarters in general, Dr Lawrence heads straight for the chief engineer’s room. The door slides open with a reassuring hum to reveal a room strewn with clutter.

After much searching, Rick and Furgee eventually find what appears to be a spare key, sitting between the interior of a wastepaper basket and the binliner.

Turn Five

Rick frowns at the locked locker. “You put your toolbox in a locker that you don’t have a key to? OK…well, I guess I’ll check and see if I can find one in any of the officers’ quarters.”

Turn Four

Furgee smirks at the Docs attempts at patronising him. “Well gee ‘Doc” He replies, putting very sarcastic emphasis on the title, “I wouldn’t expect a ‘distinguished passenger’ such as yourself to know anything about anything involving getting his hands dirty. Guess that’s why I’m the ships mechanic, and you, so far, have been as much use as a 6th leg on a Ubarian Pentadog. I mean honestly, what kind of mechanic would I be if I kept the ships toolbox in the cargo bay? I’m going to the locker, I’ll call you on my comm if I need anything disecting. Don’t strain yourself TOO hard reading that computer.” “Coming Rick? I’m gonna need a spare set of hands, and I wouldn’t want the ‘good doctor’ over there to ruin his manicure.” With that, Furgee turns and exits the bridge door. He stops outside and looks round. “Now all I need to do is remember where the locker with the ships toolkit is.”

Rick follows Furgee. “We could also check the quarters of some of the other engineers and mechanics to see if they kept anything useful in there.”

Dr. Lawrence sneers disgustedly at Furgee then turn to regard Rick. “Good thinking Rick, you’d better help that incompetant over there with the general repairs I’ll head down to the rooms, after al I am the only one remaining with any qualification in engineering I assume. You handle the structure then, and I’ll hop over and take a look at the Jump Drive once your done.” Tan nods to himself and makes a move for the door in an attempt to leave and head to the rooms.

Aside from a few flashing red lights above some doors, signaling the fact they’ve been lcoked down, the corridor is as it always is. The ship’s locker sits against a wall on the main corridor, locked and waiting for an officer’s key to open it.


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