Dr. Tan Lawrence




Homeworld: Morin-4c High Population Asteroid


  • Str:3 [-1]
  • Dex:7 [+0]
  • End:4 [-1]
  • Int:12 [+2]
  • Edu:11 [+1]
  • Soc:4 [-1]


  • Comms 0
  • Streetwise 0
  • Zero-G 0
  • Sensors 1
  • Computers 1
  • Investigate 1
  • Space Science(Robotics) 1
  • Space Science(Xenology) 1
  • Space Science(Planetology) 1
  • Social Science(Sophontology) 1
  • Physical Science(Electronics) 1
  • Engineer(Life Support) 1
  • Engineer(Electronics) 1
  • Life Science (Biology) 2
  • Admin 2
  • Diplomat 2
  • Medic 3


Cash – 6,333,700

Scientific Toolkit

Engineer (Life Support) Toolkit


  • “Nineteen”, Human cyborg experiment gone wrong
  • Dr. Rita McHammond, betrayed co-worker
  • The Dran K’vash Government, over alleged War Crimes

Quote:”I was just following orders!”

Born on Morin-4c an asteroid in orbit around the overcrowded industrial planet Morin-4, the asteroids were used to house those who could not fit on the surface. Tan was always noted as being smarter and having more finesse then the average student. After getting above average marks in a social science exam he was snapped up by the otherwise waning MorResearch company.

It was here that he began making his career as a scientist. During his time with MorResearch he learned much about the medicinal applications of science and was eventually brought on to a highly illegal and covert research that was designed to put the otherwise overlooked Morin system on the map. Using the latest augmentations and “volunteers” from the overcrowded system they tried to push robotic human integration as far as they could, further then imperial guidelines would normally allow. Tan’s main job was originally to try and keep the subjects alive long enough for the experiments to continue but soon he was aiding with the operations as well. They were largely failures or did not meet the head scientist a Dr. Rob Knowelle high standards. That was all until of course the infamous subject 19. A resounding success by all tests they managed to run on it before it went berserk. Murdering most of the scientific personnel on board in an act that completely baffled a young Tan, after all why did it so seem to loath all of the improvements they had upgraded it with? None the less, he eventually managed to escape it’s rampage by telling it the hiding location of Dr. Rob Knowelle then fleeing on the only still docked escape shuttle.

Tan however can not actually fly a shuttle and so was quickly picked up by government officials and with him spilling the secrets like an overflowing lavatory MorResearch was soon closed down. The Morin officials then sent Tan as far away as they could to hide their embarrassment at being caught. Given a fake but high recommendation he was attached to a brand new lab station for scientists conducting personal research. It was here that he received special tutelage from Dr. Rite McHammond. Although largely falling into the background of this prestigious scientific community Tan now working of compiling his notes and observations on the medical and phycological effects of massive robotic augmentations on humans. He than had a stroke of luck when his mentor Dr. McHammond took notice of his works and helped him to get them published in the book “More metal then flesh?:Seek Help”. He continued to work for the lab station largely in an administration role for Dr. McHammond in thanks for her earlier help. When he stumbled across a medical breakthrough she was working through, having access to all of the official documents on the lab station Tan quickly made some “corrections” and instead patented this new medical research in his own name. Proving through all of the correct documents that he was in fact the inventor, poor Dr. McHammond woke the next day to find that all her years of hard work had been stolen and there was no way she could prove otherwise. And mostly shocked that her own student had betrayed her.

Gaining a promotion and renown for this medical work he left the lab station and worked with medical company “No Limbs? No Problem!”. While with them he came across a second breakthrough in regards to the stolen research although it was actually his own work this time. He was instantly promoted again in the ranks of this company although his discovery gained the company fame and money there was little mention of Tan. Newly accepted in the higher echelons of scientists community in this company he was allowed into some of their more secretive projects and once again Tan found himself doing covert and highly illegal research. After his previous experience however this time however he made sure to request to be on the data analysis side of things and so was not in any immediate danger from rampaging test subjects. After a few years of this however he began to chafe at not being in the action and he swore blind that his scalpel hand was starting to get too rusty so he requested a transfer to the forward research centre. It turned our that they were actually researching an alien species known as The Dran K’vash over their natural ability to attach new limbs to themselves regardless of any DNA match or not. There was a small scale war currently going on with The Dran K’vash which gave them the perfect cover to abduct a few of them every now and again for research purposes. He spent the next four years happily conducting vivisections and dissections of The Dran K’vash until near the end of the war they caught onto what was happening to their disappearing people. The Dran K’vash government demanded justice for the alleged crimes against them and most of the scientists were put on trial. Tan however once again managed to escape by selling out his fellow co-workers and fleeing. Finding himself getting a little too old for all this running he decided instead that it would be a good idea to keep a low profile for a while and so he quit his job joined the trade ship Venus as a medical/science consultant hoping that they wouldn’t find him in deep space and would soon forget…

Dr. Tan Lawrence

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