When the tradeship Venus set off to take advantage of the recent end of hostilities in the wartorn Qearg sector, it could not have been known to most that events where going to take a slight turn for the worst.

The crew where not happy. Not happy at all. It seems the venture wasn’t as well planned out as those in authority had led them to believe, supplies had been cut back to those required for a much smaller cew and emergency equipment for all but the officers had also been removed, so as to ensure maximal space for trade goods: and maximal profit. Things could only get worse when one of the engineers, a Dran K’vash, happened to recognise the last person he expected to see on the other side of the messhall…

A mutiny was planned, and the plan was put into action when the opportunity arose. Whilst the good doctor was off-ship, having comandeered Herman Ferguson and his scout ship to assist in research on one of the moons, the crew struck quickly and decisively.

With several months to spare until Dr. Lawrence made hsi return, the crew of the newly renamed Day Bandit set out on a course of looting and pillaging.

Meanwhile, Rick Danger was placed in stasis awaiting trial alongside Dr. Lawrence, for his almost ruining the mutiny by reporting the crew to the first officer – an untrustworty bastard who had unfortunately already been bought over.

Random meteor showers are bot random and unlikely, random meteor sowers causing massive structural damage doubly so. Before the ship’s computer could repair the damage, everyone was dead.

The damae repaired, Rick taken our of stasis, and Furgee and Dr. Lawrence having managed to get back to the ship, more misfortune as another priate ship decided to take advantage and attack. With ehavy structural damage, malfunctioning systems and no chance of surviving in a fight, the ship’s computer made a jump…


The Day Bandit and the Aliens of Space Aratos